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Sunny Skies

May 12, 2011

The thick humidity that you can only feel.  The stickiness of the air.  The rolling gray clouds before a Florida storm.

You can’t stop the storm.  It comes no matter what.

My dad came home with horrible news last Wednesday.  A storm.

His job has been eliminated.  Or in other words, he’s unemployed.

I didn’t realize how grave the job situation is in our country, until now.

I can’t help but feel sad, worried, emotional and stressed about this situation.

Why now?  Why did this storm have to come?

It’s times like these when you think more and more about God.  You start praying even more.  Asking for help and guidance.  It is always in times of distress, when we turn back to God.

I know that no matter how many trees are knocked down.  No matter how much rain falls.  I know that blue, sunny skies always come.  The Florida sun always peeks out once again from behind the clouds.

Our sunny skies will be when dad finds a job.  I hope it’s soon.

What are your storms and sunny skies?


April 27, 2011
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Spring Break 2011.

A trip to the beach was in order.

Almost deserted. I didn’t feel as much of a fool for snapping a million pictures.

I almost never take my camera out in public. Me and my camera like to be and work alone.

It was unbearably humid and hot yesterday. I could barely breathe. The sun was so bright. You could literally feel the hot rays protruding onto your skin.

But the water was freezing. Like ice. Too cold for me. And Branden.

It is never too cold for Tyler and Nathan. Not ever.

Sun rays, birds, ocean, brothers, sand. Perfect. Love how this pic turned out.

Classic Nathan face.

I laid out on my old pink blanket, designated as our official beach blanket. I tanned. It was so hot, I was sweating, just laying there with my eyes closed.

I am so introverted. I really could go a whole day without talking to anybody. I hope people don’t think I’m impolite, or worse, rude because I don’t talk much. I just keep my thoughts to myself, and prefer it that way. I also like to think about things before I say them. I’m like my dad, that way. Very analytical.

My friends talk non stop. Constantly chattering about…nothing. Just words to cover up the silence that they declare is  awkward. I, however, love the silence. I crave the sweet, peaceful silence. And when I do, out of the blue, have a story to share with my friends, I always somehow get interrupted, or my story isn’t appreciated like it is when someone else has a story. When there’s a lot going on, lots of people, lots of confusion, lots of words, I hate it. I really hate it.

Now you think I never talk, which is not true. I love talking, to my friends and family. I love meeting new people. I really do.

I’m shy. Very shy, at first. But once I’m comfortable with you, like with my best friends, I love talking. But I’m much better at listening. Loads better. And you’re better at talking, so we both win.

Don’t ya love it when I get a little deep on here. Thoughts, feelings, glad I have this space to let them out.

I’m also glad Picnik is free.

Very glad.


April 14, 2011

Oh hello. How are ya?

My obsession with sky/cloud shots continues.

As does my infatuation with Chipper. Especially his new cut.

Oh hey Jared. You are looking especially tall. Must be those Flintstone chewables you love so much.

And you know I love the hot, muggy, humid, sweaty weather that we are already getting. NOT. It’s not even Summer yet.

I must admit, these little beauties cheer me right up. I’m really not complaining. I do actually prefer the heat to the cold. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, after all.

Everyday. Waffles for breakfast.  Sometimes I get tired of them, the waffle iron gets buried in the pantry and I forget about my beloved waffles. But it isn’t long before I spot – under the bag of onions and hidden behind the bulk box of Cheerios (Honey Nut, if you wondered) – my beloved $4, thrifted waffle iron. My waffles never fail me.

Dear Branden,

Please stay this age forever. You are the cutest 5 year old alive.

Love, Your Big Sister

More flowers. You can never have enough flowers. Hopefully we don’t kill them like we do everything else.

nice big sister

April 12, 2011

sometimes i make Easter-shaped chocolate-peanut butter  treats for no reason.

sometimes i play kiddie games with my little brothers.

sometimes it’s a German game and the English instructions are missing.

sometimes we just can’t remember how to play.

sometimes we try to come up with our own version.

but usually we abandon all hope and go outside.

sometimes Jared thinks he’s cool.

actually, he always thinks he’s cool.

and Branden wishes he was as cool as Jared.

sometimes Chipper gets a new haircut and a spiffy new matching collar and leash.

sometimes we go on walks.

i walk with Chipper, they ride in fight over the Jeep.

and sometimes we hope that the Jeep has enough battery to make it back all the way to the shed.

it doesn’t.

sometimes i laugh as Jared pushes the Jeep.

sometimes he wonders why i take so many photos.

sometimes Branden hates my camera.

actually he always does.

sometimes we go inside and I give them chocolate peanut-butter bunnies.

sometimes i feel like a nice big sister.


favorite things: classic movies

April 6, 2011
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I just watched Singin’ In The Rain.

For the first time ever. Loved it. Dancing, music, costumes, humor, love.

Why did I wait so long to watch it? It is too cute.

Don’t even get me started on The Sound Of Music.

I love the Von Trapp’s. Best scene ever.

Every Sunday afternoon, after church, without fail, we watched it.

The music is unbeatable and I kind of love Julie Andrews. Just a little lot.

It never gets old.

Neither does Tuck. Literally. You see, he lives forever.

Have you read the book Tuck Everlasting? Well, read it. Then watch the movie.

Is this not the prettiest photo ever?

Titanic is such a good movie! No words to describe it’s amazingness.

I love it because it’s based on the real sinking of the real Titanic.

There is so much going on in this movie, it’s mindblowing, heart stopping, soul jerking.

That’s a lot of -ing.

My mom was hesitant to let me watch because there are some nude parts, but we just fast forwarded through, so it was all good.

If you must know, I cried bawled the last 20 minutes of the movie.

Can you blame me?

all images via weheartit

a little un-inspired

April 4, 2011

i don’t know why, but i have been feeling very un-inspired the last few days. hmph. i don’t know why, i guess i’m just in a funk.

i really wanted to enter dear Mikayla’s, photo challenge though, so i decided to go with this photo for her theme:

Something You Love

it’s not exactly a “something”, but it is something that makes me smile and love my dog even more! ahahaha.

hmm…it’s kind of hard not love this photo!

Mikayla: my life in words

oh! and while we’re talking about Mikayla, i received a glorious little package from her in the mail!

i won her giveaway, so she sent me this cute notebook + cover, that she sewed!

isn’t it darling? i love the flower and the print. she is so talented!

and i am one of those notebook people, i love notebooks and writing lists! it has already come in handy!

so thank you, Mikayla!

one more thing: Carlotta is giving away the cutest necklace and i really want to win!

i am…

March 25, 2011

well, hello!

i am just so glad that spring is here. instead of dull, ugly weeds…

there are lots of beautiful flowers around!

flowers remind me of the beautiful world that God has created for us.

these flowers are all found in our front yard.

aren’t i lucky?

i kind of have an obsession with “sky” shots. i love the sun peeking out behind the trees in this one. gorgeous.

Chipper’s dirty little paws after playing in the yard are just the cutest. love.

A Corner Of The Universe by Ann M. Martin – this book is one of my favorites of ALL TIME. i first read it in middle school and every time i read it i love it more and more. i am rereading it for the 9384579th time, and it’s as amazing as ever (yes those are my favorite fuzzy snowflake pj’s…problem?).


me and my mom got to visit this cute, old antique museum. i was in pure heaven. they were playing music from the 50s and 60s (a.k.a the best era of all time) and there were all sorts of little treasures everywhere.

i especially was in love with this car. um, yes it is my favoritest color.

i also obsessed over this vintage typewriter. i mean HELLO it’s only the prettiest typewriter i’ve ever seen.

you know i went crazy when i saw this chandelier. so amazing. love it. need one in my room.

there were lots of other cutesy amazing vintage things in the museum, but my mom kept politely reminding me that there is a rule with museums that you don’t exactly take pictures of ALL the exhibits. so i refrained. it’s sad, because they’re actually tearing down the museum. it’s so old, they’re going to build a new one, hopefully it will be as good as it is now!

ever since i bought the Beatles’ “Love” album last year, i’ve been obsessed with this band. their songs are so catchy, so classic and have great meaning. “hey jude” is definitely one of my favorites.

my mom calls me her “birkenstock-wearing, Beatles-listening, bread-baking, granola-girl”. it’s pretty much the truth.

i’m also a dog lover.

what are you?