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April 14, 2011

Oh hello. How are ya?

My obsession with sky/cloud shots continues.

As does my infatuation with Chipper. Especially his new cut.

Oh hey Jared. You are looking especially tall. Must be those Flintstone chewables you love so much.

And you know I love the hot, muggy, humid, sweaty weather that we are already getting. NOT. It’s not even Summer yet.

I must admit, these little beauties cheer me right up. I’m really not complaining. I do actually prefer the heat to the cold. Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons, after all.

Everyday. Waffles for breakfast.  Sometimes I get tired of them, the waffle iron gets buried in the pantry and I forget about my beloved waffles. But it isn’t long before I spot – under the bag of onions and hidden behind the bulk box of Cheerios (Honey Nut, if you wondered) – my beloved $4, thrifted waffle iron. My waffles never fail me.

Dear Branden,

Please stay this age forever. You are the cutest 5 year old alive.

Love, Your Big Sister

More flowers. You can never have enough flowers. Hopefully we don’t kill them like we do everything else.

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  1. April 14, 2011 7:39 pm

    Enjoyed looking at your photographs. Keep taking pictures!

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