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Sunday Afternoon

March 21, 2011

First day of Spring!


An afternoon well spent, yes!


You Capture (emotion – black and white!)

March 21, 2011



Here’s what I got for Emotion in Black And White:

Branden is going to be six in a few months, I can’t believe it!

I am in such awe at how fast my brothers are growing. Tyler is almost as tall as me now! His voice has got over the squeaky phase and now he’s got my dad’s “man” voice 🙂

Thanks for reading!

i like it green!

March 20, 2011

Today I’m linking up over at Simplicity! I’m really enjoying these photo challenges!

Here’s the theme today, Beverage.

Yes, that’s a beverage you’re looking at!  In fact, it’s what I like to call a Green Monster, made with spinach and banana. Don’t be fooled, these are super tasty, I’m addicted to them! The banana masks the spinach, I promise you can’t taste it (that would be gross!).

I drink one everyday and they are the perfect breakfast. Please go make one, I promise you will love it and become addicted to this healthy, delicious shake!

Classic Green Monster

1 large handful of spinach

1/2 banana, frozen (slice first, then freeze in a plastic bag until solid)

1 cup milk

1 scoop chocolate protein powder or 1 TBSP cocoa powder

5 ice cubes

Add ingredients to a powerful blender in order listed! Blend until smooth and enjoy!

There are many ways to make a Green Monster, but that is one of the best! Sometimes I add nut butter and sub other frozen fruits, but I always add spinach!

*These photos were both SOOC (straight out of camera), I thought editing would just ruin them!*

my first photo challenge!

March 19, 2011

This is my very first Photo Challenge! Wheeeee!

I had a lot of fun with this. I love how creative it allowed me to be!

At first I thought the items for the hunt this week were kind of dull, but I was most definitely wrong!

First item to be found, Camera Phone.

This is my phone. It is a camera phone, but it’s pretty pointless because I can’t get the photos off the phone and onto the computer. I love the noise and graininess (weird word), it adds a nice touch. I am actually very happy with how this photo turned out.

Next up, Camera.

A Polaroid!! AAAHHHH! A sweet old man gave it to me. His wife just passed away and he said he wouldn’t get any more use out of it. It’s a Spirit 600 and it’s the coolest little thing ever.

The only problem is: they don’t make the film for this camera anymore so the film you can find online is super expensive because it’s specially made.

Polaroids are tricky. It’s easy to mess up the photos, especially for a newbie like me. So a pack of expensive (practice) film would be more money down the drain. I will fork out the money for the film one of these days, though!

A fun one, Shoes!

For this photo, I lined up all my favorite shoes against my wall. If you couldn’t tell, I kind of love flats. Especially those yellow ones, they’re getting so dirty though! Ugh.

Next order of business, Chair.

I kind of got a little creative with this one. It does involve a chair. I was sitting on a chair, eating breakfast. And Chipper came, got up on his little back legs and started pawing at me because he was hungry. Oh and there’s a chair in the background, so it is a chair picture! Okay, so I just love this photo. So cute.

And last but not least, Imperfection.

What better way to represent imperfection than with a photo of myself? I don’t mean that in a way that I think I’m a ugly and horrible person. I mean that in a way that it’s so easy for me to look at myself and only see the imperfections. Or to look at others and only see the imperfections. It’s more important to try and see myself and others the way God sees us and the way I should see us all the time.

Does it really matter how big my thighs are? Does that one mole on my neck really make a difference? Is the shape of my nose really worth worrying about? No, no and no.

Every time I say or think something negative about myself, it’s important to remember that nobody is perfect and we are all trying to be the best we can. And we can’t really change our outward appearance, only our inner. And that’s all God sees anyway and that’s all that really matters in the end.


Again, I had so much fun doing Scavenger Hunt Sunday and can’t wait for next week!!

Which one is your favorite? Mine is the shot of the Polaroid Camera, it’s very vivid!

katniss is cast.

March 18, 2011

We’ve been waiting for this.


They cast Katniss for The Hunger Games movie!!

I was hoping they would cast Kaya Scoledario:


I mean she’s PERFECT.

But they cast Jennifer Lawrence.


There are a few things that concern me about Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss:

1.) she’s 20

2.) she’s blonde

3.) too mature looking for Katniss

The good thing is she’s an “unknown”, I don’t know how good of an actor she is, though.

I know they can (and probably will) dye her hair dark for the movie and that’s nice. But I really was hoping they’d pick someone closer to Katniss’ age, you know?

What I do know is that I hope they get Alex Pettyfer for Peeta.


At first I thought he was a little too old, mature looking to play Peeta. But now that Katniss is 20, I think he’s just fine for the part!

Q. What are your thoughts? Are you happy with the casting for Katniss?

favorite things.

March 18, 2011

Only 3 days until Spring. So excited. The thing is, we don’t get much of a weather change here in Florida. But it’s still fun to say “it’s Spring”!

Today I’m linking up with:

friday favorite things | finding joy

1.) cereal

I’m a little bit obsessed with breakfast. I could (and usually do) eat breakfast food for all meals of the day.

Yes, those are frozen blueberries. Fresh are expensive right now, what can I say?

2.) dogs

Oh, Chipper. My widdle angel. Does he not have the cutest little face? He needs a hair cut. Badly.

3.) cookies

Something you should know about me. I love to bake. It’s pretty much my favorite thing to do. Ever. I made these a few days ago. Why I haven’t made real chocolate chip cookies in so long? These hit the spot.

4.) Tyler

There are not enough things I can say about this photo to tell you how much I love it. You see, Tyler is at that I’m-thirteen-and-too-cool-for-anything phase.

I really really wanted to take some photos, of course I had to beg him to death. Of course he wouldn’t smile or try to look decent for a photo. I was super lucky to get this shot of him, though.

As much as he annoys me and picks on me, I love Tyler. And as much as I probably annoy him. He is my brother. We can bring out the best in each other, but we also have our leave-me-alone-or-I-will-strangle-you moments. Isn’t that what siblings are for?

5.) wishing flowers

Another of my most favorite photos of all time. It was a beautiful morning and I did what any normal teenager would do and went looking for some good photography inspiration. You know, totally normal.

I came along our fence and saw these beautiful dandelions. Um, score! Let me just tell you that it took me about 15 minutes until I got this beautiful shot.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Spring? I love Spring fashion: floral sundresses, brightly colored flats, sunglasses, and of course flowers